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BFX Mining Pool Plans Announced

BFX Coin mining pool plans have been announced. Now you can buy any of the available packages from the bfxmining portal and start earning regular rewards on your investment. Please take some time to read this article to fully understand the purpose of mining and how you can earn through mining.

Here are the available packages-

BFX Coin Mining Plans
BFX Coin Mining Plans

Important Points-

1- Business level rewards means 2% of total binary (Left + Right) business generated under your ID in any level up to level 5.

2- For getting mining level rewards it is necessary that you have 1 ID in your left side and 1 ID in your right side directly under you.

3- All mining rewards will be in the form of coins (converted to the value of dollar @ current rate at that particular time).

4- All plans should be calculated in INR assuming 1 dollar is equal to Rs70.

Right now you will not be able to top up your mining wallet if you don't have Bluefoxmovie Wallet ID. You can top up your Mining Wallet only through Bluefoxmovie Wallet balance. For getting Bluefoxmovie ID you have to join through someones reference who is already joined in Blue Fox. If you want to get your Blue Fox Wallet ID please contact me on my email ID.

Update- Now you can transfer all your coins which you have purchased through ICO to your BFX mining pool wallet for purchasing mining packages. Follow below steps-

How to Transfer your BFX Coins from bfxworld website to BFX mining pool-

Step 1- Register on BfxMining portal and create your bfxmining username
Step 2- Open website.
Step 3- Click on withdraw button on upper right corner.
Step 4- Enter your bfxmining portal username and no of coins you want to transfer.
Step 5- Click on Request OTP.
Step 6- You will get the OTP in your registered mobile no.
Step 7- Enter the OTP.
Step 8- Done.. You can check your balance in BfxMining Portal.
Step 9- Now you can purchase the mining plans from BfxMining portal.

Stay tunned!!
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