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BFX Coin ICO is over- What's Next?

Finally, BFX Coin ICO ended few hours ago. I hope everybody has got his share of coins. Millions of dollars has been raised so far including millions of dollars worth Ethereum & Bitcoins. 117,700,000 coins have been sold out in final phase. 30 million, 54 million & 84 million coins were sold in phase 1, phase 2 & phase 3 respectively.

BFX Coin is listed in ZECOEX Exchange and is equal to Rs 20.09 at the time of writing of this post.  Now you can buy BFX Coins directly in INR through this exchange.

What's next??

Now, just wait for next announcement from Blue Fox. Soon you will be able to transfer your coins to BfxMining portal for mining/minting. For those who don't know what mining & minting is please look around in google and you will find tons of articles and videos explaining you what mining is However you can also read a simple explanation here. In short your coins will be stored in mining pool and you will get 10% - 15% mining rewards per month on your coi…
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BFX Mining Pool Plans Announced

BFX Coin mining pool plans have been announced. Now you can buy any of the available packages from the bfxmining portal and start earning regular rewards on your investment. Please take some time to read this article to fully understand the purpose of mining and how you can earn through mining.

Here are the available packages-

Important Points-

1- Business level rewards means 2% of total binary (Left + Right) business generated under your ID in any level up to level 5.

2- For getting mining level rewards it is necessary that you have 1 ID in your left side and 1 ID in your right side directly under you.

3- All mining rewards will be in the form of coins (converted to the value of dollar @ current rate at that particular time).

4- All plans should be calculated in INR assuming 1 dollar is equal to Rs70.

Right now you will not be able to top up your mining wallet if you don't have Bluefoxmovie Wallet ID. You can top up your Mining Wallet only through Bluefoxmovie Wallet balance.…

ICO or Initial Coin Offering- Hottest Trend in Crypto World

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are the hottest trend right now. Just like an IPO (Initial Public Offering) now companies are using ICO for raising funds for their projects. Now any company can build its own blockchain application on top of the already established blockchain technology like Ethereum and customize it according to their project's requirements.

How ICOs work?- Company raises funds from investors and in return investors get the token or coin which can be used in the project's ecosystem or can be traded in any exchange. Generally the price of coin/token is very low during ICOs. Coin's/token's value increases in the future if the project grows and more people start buying that coin in exchanges.

And this is the biggest example of smart contract using blockchain technology between the company and investors. There is no paper work involved in this but everybody agrees that there is a contract between a investor and the compnay.

Cheers :)

Blockchain Technology- The New Internet

This is nearly the end of 2017 and I am pretty sure that 2018 is going to be the year of blockchain technology. We have seen the internet growing for so many years but now the blockchain is said to be the new internet. In simple words "Blockchain is a chain of blocks". A block is a list of records. A block in a blockchain contains records of transactions or any contract between two parties called smart contract. Blockchain is also known as distributed or decentralized ledger. Therefore no one has the full control on blockchain. In a blockchain network everyone participating in the network (miner) has a copy of whole blockchian. And anything that is recorded in blockchain needs to be agreed by everyone in the network which is achieved by a special consensus mechanism, that's the beauty of block chain. That's why blockchain is so special, now people don't need to go through any mediator for any contract or transaction between them.

Use of Blockchain Technology- Bl…

What is Mining or Minting- Simple Explanation.

In this article I will try to explain what is mining or minting in plane English so that anyone regardless of his technical background could understand it.

First of all I want to make it clear that mining and minting are used interchangeably in crypto world but there is a little difference between them. I have explained this in my another post Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake vs Other Protocols- Comparison.

The term 'mining' is most popular, so for simplicity we will only use the term 'mining'. So let's understand what is mining.

Mining is basically a process to generate new coins and validate the transactions in a blockchain. All cryptocurrencies are based on some kind of blockchain technology. Every transaction people do gets recorded on blockchain. For eg. Suppose Ram sends BFX Coins to Shyam. As soon as the transaction happens transaction is sent to the mining devices or mining pools for validation. Miners or mining pools validate the transaction by solving com…

BFX Coin ICO- All Coins Sold Out in Phase 3

Hello everybody!! First of all thanks for trusting this ICO and registering through my referral link. I am confident that this ICO is going to be a great hit in the world of crypto currencies specially in India because famous bollywood Actor and Producer Mr Sohail Khan is one of the director's of this company. And the whole Bollywood will accept this coin open heartedly. So go ahead and register here.

Note- BFX Coin ICO is over now. Please check out my next post BFX Coin ICO is over. What's Next?
Right now we are in phase 4 of BFX ICO pre-sale which is the final phase.  Now 1 BFX Coin is equal to $ 0.20.  As I have already told and as per speculations from experts this coin will be around $30 to $40 cents in the first week of its launch.

As of now more than 170 million BFX Coins have been sold out (30 million, 54 million & 84 million coins were sold in phase 1, phase 2 & phase 3 respectively).

New Update 1-Soon new mining farm is going to be started in Chhattisgarh Indi…

BFX Coin ICO- All Coins Sold Out in Phase 2

Eventually we are in phase 3 of BFX ICO pre-sale starting from Oct 24th 2017. Now 1 BFX Coin is equal to $ 0.15.  As of now more than 90 million coins have been sold out (30 million & 54 million coins were sold in phase 1 and phase 2 respectively).

Note- BFX Coin ICO is over now. Please check out my next post BFX Coin ICO is over. What's Next?
BFX Coin ICOhas moved into phase 3. Those who have missed first two phases, are still having a change to buy the coins at $ 0.15 per coin which is a pretty good price too.

Guess what! I've got a news for you. BFX Cryptoworks' Asian Operational Office is opening shortly in Hong Kong & mega launch of BFX Coin will be hosted in Dubai in November 2017 once ICO is over. And the most important of all, BFX Coin is going to be listed in all major exchanges around the world in next  2 or 3 weeks, after that anyone across the nations can buy the coins through one of the exchanges who will be listing the cryptocurrency.

I would suggest a…